**Please note that I am able to offer vouchers, these are redeemable against art classes, picture framing, commissions or demonstrations.  Vouchers can be made to any value you wish.**
If you are interested in commissioning me for a drawing, design or painting I will be delighted to hear from you! 
My artwork is made completely by hand and totally unique!
I work by eye, taking proportional measurements and then correcting my drawing.  
I don't trace, I prefer my art to have that very human struggle and experience of searching for a likeness to capture the essence of who and what I am drawing or painting.  It's more expressive this way!
Lately I have been getting a lot of requests for pet portraits, so I’ve put together some information to think about when contacting me.
What size you would like? If it’s a painting you want, also think about if you want it on canvas or a rigid panel. Panels can be heavier, but are more robust and help me to work in more detail because the surface texture isn’t as apparent. Canvas is lighter and more traditional.
What medium, charcoal drawing, pencil drawing, painting? Have a look at some of my previous work online to guide you here... sometimes certain fur colours, textures and characters lend themselves to a particular type of drawing or medium.
I will need a good quality photo to work from. Better quality photos help me create the best possible work for you. In most cases it helps to get down to the same level so the subject isn’t looking up, try to fill the frame and pay attention to where the light hits the eyes for a catch light or reflection...but if you want to have your pet set in a landscape, then some close up shots of the face will help me with the detail work. In some cases I can arrange to take the photos for you and I’m happy to advise you if need be.
I will also need to know if you have a deadline you would like your work of art for, and also if it’s a surprise. I like to post my work online, it helps people see what I do and keeps everyone engaged with my page...also you get to see your work in progress! However, please let me know if you would rather I don’t post the work online.
Budget. The costs I need to charge depends upon the answers to the above questions and how long it will take me to create.  I try to cater for most budgets!
A5 TONAL GRAPHITE study on high quality acid free paper, £70.  This comes mounted and ready for you to frame to A4 size, but I can supply and fit a frame to this size for £35 extra.  This would be a white or black high quality moulding, other options are available but would vary in cost.  *Note that A5 is half the size of standard A4.
Please note that I have quoted below for A3 or the American equivalent of, since I am rarely asked to work smaller than that.  I am happy to quote for smaller sizes too though!  Please get in touch! 
A3 Black and white tonal study on toned pastel mat board or acid free paper costs £150. 
A3 tonal graphite study on acid free cotton paper or vellum, £180.
A3 Pastel on pastelmat board or coloured pencil drawings on Cotton paper £250.
Please note that costs will vary depending upon how many subjects you would like in the picture and how detailed you want it to be. (A3 is double the size of A4). 

*For an extra £50 I can frame your A3 commissions by hand in an excellent quality white or black moulding.  Extra options are available but vary in cost.  Please get in touch or make an appointment for further details.*
Oil or acrylic paintings start at £300 for A3.  Please note that this price can vary depending upon the complexity of the subject.  I have included the cost of a good quality wooden panel in this price, however I can quote for any support you wish.  

I'm here to help you, so If you have any questions I’d be delighted to hear from you!

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