If you are interested in commissioning me for a drawing, design or painting please get in touch. 
Lately I have been getting a lot of requests for pet portraits, so I’ve put together some information to think about when contacting me.
What size you would like? If it’s a painting you want, also think about if you want it on canvas or a rigid panel. Panels can be heavier, but are more robust and help me to work in more detail because the surface texture isn’t as apparent. Canvas is lighter and more traditional.
What medium, charcoal drawing, pencil drawing, painting? Have a look at some of my previous work online to guide you here... sometimes certain fur colours, textures and characters lend themselves to a particular type of drawing or medium.
Source material- I will need a good quality photo to work from. Better quality photos help me create the best possible work for you. In most cases it helps to get down to the same level so the subject isn’t looking up, try to fill the frame and pay attention to where the light hits the eyes for a catch light or reflection...but if you want to have your pet set in a landscape, then some close up shots of the face will help me with the detail work. In some cases I can arrange to take the photos for you and I’m happy to advise you if need be.
I will also need to know if you have a deadline you would like your work of art for, and also if it’s a surprise. I like to post my work online, it helps people see what I do and keeps everyone engaged with my page...also you get to see your work in progress! However, please let me know if you would rather I don’t post the work online.
Budget. The costs I need to charge depends upon the answers to the above questions and how long it will take me to create.
As an estimate, an 11 x 14 inch charcoal drawing costs around £150.
11 x 14 pencil drawing is more time intensive at around £180.
Pastel and coloured pencil drawings are often more time and material intensive, and price in the region of £250.
Oil and acrylic paintings are both material and time intensive. As a guide, a tonal pencil drawing can take around 20 hours to get right, a full colour oil painting can take at least double that. A simple oil painting with one subject and modest size will usually cost upwards of £500, which is inclusive of a £100 deposit due before I begin painting to account for material costs.

Thank you! If you have any questions I’d be delighted to help you.

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